summary of my background as a frontend developer.


Mallconomy is building the metaverse's most fun shopping mall on Polygon specifically for the creators, brands and workers, with immersive dynamics, exclusive partnerships and the endless possibilities of a robust GameFi economy.

  • I developed a product where users can log in with their social media accounts or web3 wallets, complete marketing tasks, earn points, and convert these points into rewards.
  • I transformed this bounty application, which had 1.2 million users and high traffic, into a SaaS model. Working on this project, I improved my skills in state management and architectural design.
  • Developed an admin panel to oversee user actions and tasks.
  • I developed a web application using React, Typescript, and Ethers.js where users can perform minting and claiming operations for MallCard NFTs within the Mallconomy Metaverse on the Polygon network. In this app, I enabled them to view their referral rewards and the Mallconomy points earned through their NFTs.
  • I have developed a sales application for our client's web3 token.


Sometime around 2018 or a bit earlier, I started developing using HTML/CSS and WordPress, which I continued as a side job until 2022. Regardless of my main occupation, I persisted in constantly improving my coding skills. In 2022, I decided to make coding my primary occupation and began enhancing my expertise in React/Next.js. Before venturing into a freelance frontend developer career, I delivered numerous WordPress products and released a couple of WordPress themes. Some of the projects I worked on during my freelance period include: